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€1 Million Festival GTD

Tues 18th July - Sunday 23rd July

The Card Casino, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is gearing up to host a poker festival that promises to be both exhilarating and memorable at the world-famous Card Casino.

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Whether you're a seasoned player or just enjoy the game for fun and excitement, you're invited to join in on the action at this exciting new European poker festival.

With a range of events to suit all levels, this is the perfect opportunity to test your poker skills and compete against some of the best players in the game.

Get ready to experience the rush of adrenaline as you take on the challenge and vie for the amazing guarantees!

Bratislava Festival Opener€150€10,000
Mystery Bounty€400€50,000
Grand Prix€550€500,000
Euro Omaha Championship€2,500€100,000
One K One Day€1,000€50,000
High Roller€3,000€200,000
Irish Poker Tour€250€40,000
Bratislava Poker Cup€350€50,000


With something for everyone and plenty of satellites, you can play for big guarantees for a small buy-in.

TUESDAY 18th July
Tuesday 4pmMystery Bounty 1A€50,000-€200 + €160 + €4030 Mins2 x Re-entry30,0009 LevelsPDF
Tuesday 8pmBratislava Festival Opener€10,000Yes€130 + €2020 Mins1 x Re-entry20,0009 LevelsPDF
Wednesday 2pmMystery Bounty 1B€50,000-€200 + €160 + €4030 Mins2 x Re-entry30,0009 LevelsPDF
Wednesday 2pmGrand Prix Super Satellite5 x Seats-€65 + €1515 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
Wednesday 6pmGrand Prix Day 1A€500,000-€500 + €5030 Mins1 x Re-entry per flight40,0009 LevelsPDF
Wednesday 7pmEuro Omaha Championship Satellite3 x Seats-€220 + €3020 MinsUnlimited Re-entry25,0006 LevelsPDF
Wednesday 8pmNLH Freezeout-Yes€130 + €2020 MinsFreezeout20,0006 LevelsPDF
THURSDAY 20th July
Thursday 11.00amEuro Omaha Championship Satellite--€220 + €3015 MinsUnlimited Re-entry25,0006 LevelsPDF
Thursday 12pmMystery Bounty Final€50,000Yes-40 Mins---PDF
Thursday 12pmGrand Prix Super Satellite5 x Seats-€65 + €1515 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
Thursday 1pmGrand Prix Day 1B€500,000-€500 + €5030 Mins1 x Re-entry per flight40,0009 LevelsPDF
Thursday 3pmEuro Omaha Championship 7-Max Day 1€100,000-€2,300 + €20040 MinsUnlimited Re-entry30,0009 LevelsPDF
Thursday 4pmGrand Prix Super Satellite5 x Seats-€65 + €1515 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
Thursday 6pmGrand Prix Day 1C€500,000-€500 + €5030 Mins1 x Re-entry per flight40,0009 LevelsPDF
Thursday 8pm€1k One Day Satellite Turbo 3 x Seats-€85 + €1515 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
FRIDAY 21th July
Friday 11.00am€1k One Day Satellite Turbo 3 x Seats-€85 + €1515 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
Friday 12pmGrand Prix Day 1D€500,000-€500 + €5030 Mins1 x Re-entry per flight40,0009 LevelsPDF
Friday 1pmEuro Omaha Championship 7-Max Final Day€100,000Yes-40 Mins---PDF
Friday 1pmGrand Prix Super Satellite5 x Seats-€65 + €1515 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
Friday 2pm€1k One Dayer€50,000Yes€900 + €10030 MinsUnlimited Re-entry40,0008 LevelsPDF
Friday 4pmGrand Prix Day 1E€500,000-€500 + €5030 Mins1 x Re-entry per flight40,0009 LevelsPDF
Friday 6pmOmaha 7 Max-Yes€270 + €3025 Mins1 x Re-entry30,0008 LevelsPDF
Friday 8pmNLH Turbo Freezeout-Yes€130 + €2015 MinsFreezeout20,0008 LevelsPDF
Friday 9pmHighroller Satellite2 x Seats-€300 + €3020 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0008 LevelsPDF
SATURDAY 22th July
Saturday11.00amGrand Prix Final Flight 1F FAST€500,000-€500 + €5015 Mins1 x Re-entry per flight40,0009 LevelsPDF
Saturday3pmHighroller Mega Satellite5 x Seats€300 + €3020 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0008 LevelsPDF
Saturday4pmGrand Prix Day 2€500,000--45 Mins---PDF
Saturday6pmIrish Poker Tour NLH€40,000Yes€225 + €2525 MinsUnlimited Re-entry25,0009 LevelsPDF
Saturday7pmHIGH ROLLER (play 9 x Levels)€200,000-€2700 + €30040 MinsUnlimited Re-entry1,000,00010 LevelsPDF
Saturday8pmOmaha 7 Max-Yes€270 + €3020 Mins1 x Re-entry20,0006 LevelsPDF
Saturday9pmBratislava Cup Super Satellite5 x Seat€40 + €1015 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
SUNDAY 23th July
Sunday 11.00amBratislava Cup Super Satellite5 x Seat-€40 + €1015 MinsUnlimited Re-entry15,0009 LevelsPDF
Sunday 12pmGrand Prix Final Day€500,000Yes-60 Mins---PDF
Sunday 1pmHighroller Final Day €200,000Yes€2700 + €30040 MinsUnlimited Re-entry1,000,0001 level FDPDF
Sunday 2pmBratislava Poker Cup€50,000Yes€315 + €3530 MinsUnlimited Re-entry30,00010 LevelsPDF
Sunday7pmOmaha 7 MaxYes€270 + €3020 Mins1 x Re-entry20,0006 LevelsPDF
Sunday8pmLast Chance TurboYes€130 + €2015 Mins1 x Re-entry20,0006 LevelsPDF

Note: 2.5% will be withheld from all prize pools for staff. This goes directly to dealers & floor staff. Structure sheets are intended as a guide for players only. Actual structures may differ slightly due to tournament demands and TD decisions.


Slovakia's largest casino offers visitors the perfect place to relax, have fun and win big.

A wide selection of games spread over an 8000m2 floor, as well as a cabaret and a wonderful restaurant, await you.



Open 24/7, Card Casino is in the beautiful city of Bratislava, situated along the Danube River by the border with Austria and Hungary.

It’s surrounded by vineyards and the Little Carpathian mountains, crisscrossed with forested hiking and cycling trails.

The pedestrian-only, 18th-century old town is known for its lively bars and cafes.


Ivanská cesta 26, 820 01 Ružinov, Slovakia


Accessible Airports

Bratislava Airport - 1 Minute
Vienna Airport - 30 Minutes
Budapest Airport - 2 Hours

Train Travel
There is a direct train service from Vienna and Prague to Bratislava as well as transfers from Munich.



Bratislava Airport is a 10 minute walk or three minutes drive from the Card Casino.

We recommend downloading the Bolt App before arrival in Bratislava. It is cheap and easy to use.

Vienna Airport is a 45 minute drive from the Casino. There is a FlixBus service from Vienna Airport to Bratislava Airport costing €9.95 return.

Contact Fintan Gavin at 00353830022889 to arrange transfers if desired.

Card Casino

  • To play in the Card Casino membership is required.  A passport or other national identification document is needed to acquire membership.
  • Registration for all Festival events takes place in the casino.
  • The casino is open 24 hours a day.
  • The dress code in the casino is casual, but sportswear is prohibited.


There are numerous accommodation options in Bratislava.

The casino recommends these hotels in the immediate area:

Contact Fintan Gavin at 00353830022889 for bookings and festival packages.


Hosted in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, this festival will provide an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for poker players of all levels, showcasing the best of Slovakian hospitality with non-stop entertainment for players and their guests. The casino offers an elegant welcome for all visiting players with over 150 poker tables, live gaming, a luxurious dining experience, and cabaret shows. And you can be there for just €0.01 through our online satellites, running now.

Boasting combined guarantees of €1 million across all tourneys, the Grand Prix Bratislava Poker Festival features everything from High Rollers to lower buy-in events.

There’s a seat for everyone at PartyPoker LIVE.


  • €550 Grand Prix Main Event (19th-23rd July): €500,000 GTD
  • €3,000 High Roller (22nd-23rd July): €500,000 GTD
  • €2,500 Omaha Championship (20th-21st July): €100,000 GTD

Click here to qualify on PartyPoker for as little as €0.01.

Grand Prix PAckage
full package: €1,500

€550 Grand Prix Main Event Buy-in
Five-night Hotel Stay (NH Gate One Hotel - 4*)
€250 Spending Money

VIP full package: €5,000

€550 Grand Prix Main Event Buy-in
€3,000 High Roller Buy-in
Five-night Hotel Stay (NH Gate One Hotel - 4*)
Airport Transfer
€250 Spending Money


For further details on both the festival and hotel packages contact:

Fintan Gavin
+353 83 002 2889

Dominique Palan
+421 919 434 170

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